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Expo News » The French DRT: an International Player More Than Ever!

Source:CCR   Date:  Apr.19,2017
On April 19, 2017, since 1932, DRT has gained a strong experience in the field of plant-based chemistry (and more precisely pine chemistry) and now make 90% of its turnover in international markets. This family-owned company multiplies the initiatives, in Europe and in the USA, to secure its markets, rationalize its sourcing and be as close as possible to its international customers.

DRT: key player in the US

   At the end 2016, the French specialist of the development of rosin and turpentine extracted from pine resin, has purchased the long-standing player: the American Pinova Inc. Thanks to this new subsidiary based in Georgia, DRT significantly expands its portfolio with industry applications and strengthen its position in US markets.                                                                               
   This acquisition complements DRT’s investment in a new production facility in Effingham County Industrial Park, Georgia. Fully operational in the summer 2017, the site will be the most modern turpentine distillation plant in the world, including state-of-the-art safety and pollution controls
   As Laurent Labatut, CEO of DRT, explains: << With this new combination of activities, we will provide more services and value to our customers which will help us to pursue our growth in the North American markets >>.

A broader presence in Europe

   In Europe, DRT carries on the development of its activities. In order to support this development in Nordic markets, DRT has made the acquisition of Suomen Tarpatti Oy, a company based at Lahti, in Finland.
   Since the end of 2016, this dynamic Finnish company specialized in raw materials, is the new purchasing office of DRT in Finland. With this strengthened presence in Scandinavian countries, DRT gets closer to its pulp and paper suppliers and becomes a real local partner.

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